Medical Data Retrieval

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Record Search menu lists all the data retrieval options. Most options have two parts:

  • The top part is the search conditions.

  • The bottom part is the search results.

Using Office Visit Record search as an example, you can delete any records by checking each unwanted record and clicking "Remove All Checked Items" button. You can update one record at a time by checking one specific record and then clicking "Update First Checked Item" button. 

You will see a green message of "There is no result for your query." if you have not inputted any office data yet. Please refer to Add Office Record to populate your office visit data first. 

You can specify up to six search conditions. The most common ones are the time range: the "from date" and "to date". Please notice the format for date search. It must be YYYYMMDD format. For example, Dec. 31th 2008 will be 20081231. 

Here is an example for searching any office visit records between Jan. 1st, 2008 to Sept. 30th 2008 where doctor name is ZieGler, synptom has "vacation", prescription has "Mometasone" and insurance company is Greatwest order by date descent:


The floating panel displaying "Apply twice daily for Memetasone..." is the amplification of the Dosage column message. Place your mouse over any table cell will have a float panel shows up with bigger font for easy reading. 

By default, each result cell will display up to 60 characters. You can force the form to display all the information by clicking the upper right corner "Click Here for detail report.".

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