An Introduction for a New User

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Welcome to our confidential Personal Health Records service. We believe identity information diligent people also deserve a safe yet convenient PHRs service. We are the leading CONFIDENTIAL PHRs service on the internet.

There are six drop-down menus from the homepage of this website:

Home section contains common used links like login and logout forms.

Account Setup section demonstrates how to set up a “Patient New Account”, etc. Basic biological information is sufficient to start a patient account and use our convenient PHRs service.

Record Entry section allows a user to book his/her medical data. We are able to input certain medical data for a user for nominal fee.

Record Search section allows a user to retrieve his/her medical data in various forms.

Telemedicine Section is for advanced user who needs get a physician service online. Many insurances companies are adding telemedicine as their covered service.

More Links Section presents other famous PHRs related website. We believe keeping PHRs is a good life style and hope more and more people will adopt this concept. From this section, a user can also join a discussion group, watch tutorial videos and find his/her biological “best day” and worst day.

Thinking you can illustrate these points better? Let us know and we will be glad to use your article here.

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