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Benefit as Our Registered but Anonymous PHRs User

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Personal Health Records (PHRs) is a well known concept. The government is promoting PHRs systems to reduce medical errors and healthcare cost for the nation. However, the biggest holdback for a PHRs system is its low enrollment due to privacy concern. Most people does not trust a nationwide system to keep their medical records.  

The innovation we are providing is an anonymous PHRs service. A user is able to input and output his/her medical records in various forms online. Superior to a regular cloud server site, this site provides a pure one-way service: you come to get and put in your medical data, remain anonymous and never get a message initiated from the server. Actually, this server is not able to contact a confidential user who chooses not to provide identifiable information, such as an email address.  

For security purposes, there are two independent groups of registered users: confidential user group and privilege user group.  

Confidential users can manage their medical data online anonymously. Please refer to “More Link” menu then "Video Tutorials" option about what you can store and retrieve from this online service. To become a confidential user, please register from “Account Setup” menu then “Patient New Account” option.  

Privilege users are for more involved users who want to discuss and express an opinion. Register from the lower right corner of the home page to become a privilege user. An effective email address is required to join a privilege user group.    

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