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By opening an account with PHRsT, users agree to input all the required data honestly and to the best of their knowledge. To relieve the privacy concern, the basic account has been designed for anonymous usage. Our patent pending technique also efficiently encrypts your sensitive information for an extra layer of security assurance.

The information that you can access from PHRsT is only meant to be for your general and personal use. PHRsT has made reasonable efforts to make sure the data you put in will be secure and persistent. However, PHRsT is not responsible or liable for the abruption of online service or data loss due to technical issues.

The telemedicine service provided by PHRsT is bounded by the agreement you must agree in that sections. The only service provided by PHRsT is to bring a patient and a licensed doctor together for internet communication. Any telemedicine issues beyond such internet service must be solved between the patient and the doctor. No one may be held liable under this agreement for more than he or she has been paid for.

Your usage of PHRsT is subject to each of the additional terms provided in each specific service section within PHRsT site.

PHRsT might put limited, reputable advertisement and external links on its site. Use of these services and reliance on that content is solely at your own risk.

PHRsT may place limits on, modify, suspend or terminate your use of this site if you fail to comply with this agreement. After the account being suspended, you will be given one full year to download your records before the account being deleted.

PHRsT may change this agreement. If you do not agree to the modified agreement, you should stop using PHRsT. Your continued use of PHRsT after the date the modified agreement is announced at PHRsT home page will constitute your acceptance of the modified agreement.

It is important to be aware that PHRsT is not part of any provider’s electronic health record, nor considered to be legal records, and therefore, is not HIPAA covered entities yet.

PHRsT does not make any warranty that the content in this site satisfies government regulations requiring disclosure if information on prescription drug products are provided by third parties.